Black Friday more popular among online shoppers than Cyber Monday

  • A study commissioned by Deloitte & Touche found that more people shopped online the day after Thanksgiving than this Monday. According to the firm, 20% of consumers were buying products on Black Friday, while only 19% were shopping on Cyber Monday.

    84% of respondents said that they shopped from home and 25% mentioned they did so from work. 12% said they shopped online on Thanksgiving Day. Deloitte & Touche attributed the online success of Black Friday to a greater availability of broadband connections, which enable consumers to conveniently shop from home and do not force them to wait until they have broadband access when they are back in the office the following Monday.

    Overall, the study concluded that 37% of consumers were shopping in stores on Black Friday - and 41% of those were out between midnight and 8 am. 80% mentioned special as their motivation to go on a shopping tour, while 28% said that the "tradition" of Black Friday was a factor in their decision to spend money that day. Despite long lines, 64% indicated that they enjoyed their Black Friday experience and said they would do it again next year.

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