Amazon launches CD on demand service

  • Santa Cruz (CA) - CustomFlix, the company behind's flagship DVD on demand store, today announced an expansion of its partnership with Amazon with a music CD on demand service. Independent artists will be able to upload their music and sell custom CDs to millions of customers.

    Dana LoPiccolo-Giles, co-founder and managing director of CustomFlix, said, "Based on the success of CustomFlix DVD on Demand, our members have been asking for an inventory-free audio CD solution. We're pleased to extend our Disc on Demand service beyond video to meet the needs of the independent musician community as well as labels who want to provide as much of their catalogue as possible to Amazon customers. By enabling access to's millions of customers, CD on Demand now offers musicians and labels a powerful new way to profitably connect to their audience."

    Founded in 2002, CustomFlix was created to allow everyone to distribute their own DVDs by uploading their content and letting the people at CustomFlix do the rest. Discs are printed on a made-to-order basis, keeping the overhead low so the fee to the content owners remained reasonable.

    Independent musicians are the ones who stand to benefit the most from Amazon's new service. It allows them to distribute their music on a wide scale without the hassles of shipping, payment methods, and stockpiling inventory.

    Last year, Amazon acquired CustomFlix and was able to bring more exposure to the content that was available to purchase on a DVD. High profile names also began to enter the circuit. CBS News, for example, announced a partnership with Amazon and CustomFlix a few months ago, to offer all their new Evening News reports, as well as legacy news footage, through the Amazon/CustomFlix portal.