Google sees slight drop in search market share

  • Yahoo was able to substantially increase its search market share during July, while Google saw its share dropping for the first in several months, according to a report released by market research firm Nielsen Netratings. Yahoo increased its market share from 23.0% in June to 23.8% in July. Google dropped from 49.4% in June - its highest share ever - to 49.2% in July. Nielsen estimates that about 2.78 billion searches were run through Google, while Yahoo was used for 1.35 billion.

    Most other large search engines gave up market share - MSN dropped from 10.3 to 9.6% (542 million searches) and AOL saw a decline from 6.9 million to 6.3% (355 million searches)., ranked fifth, was able to gain 0.3 market share points to 2.6% with a growth from 126 million to 149 million searches.