First details of Intel reorganization show management positions excised

  • UPDATE 12:00 pm ET 20 July 2006

    Santa Clara (CA) - Intel has confirmed this morning that Sean Maloney, currently one of Intel's co-general managers, has been anointed with the newly constructed title of "chief sales and marketing officer" when the company announces its complete reorganization plan, perhaps during its third quarter financial guidance call. Maloney's co-general managers, Anand Chandrasekher and Eric Kim, are being repositioned to lead the UMPC and Digital Home groups, respectively. The changes are effective immediately.

    The shuffle could leave Maloney in a position to assume the CEO position of the company once Paul Otellini retires, although that event does not appear imminent. David "Dadi" Perlmutter. officially a senior vice president, will now be the sole general manager of the Mobility Group. This move appears to validate promises made by Intel spokespeople, including Chuck Mulloy, in recent days to reduce the number of management levels within the company. During Intel's second quarter results call yesterday afternoon, Otellini also referred briefly to the possibility of management attrition, saying it would be a "difficult step," but that it would lead to a "leaner operation."

    It's worth noting that Sean Maloney was Intel's point person during the company's unveiling of the UMPC platform, which many observers now see as a flailing project. Chandrasekher has been seen as a "rising star" in the company, having successfully led the Centrino project from its inception, though the pressure may be on him now to resurrect a lackluster introduction, or else face what Otellini is clearly alluding to as corporate liposuction.

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