Should Apple be sued over false advertising?

  • Opinion – Sure, we all know that Apple can get away with many others can’t. But is it just me, or is Apple’s advertising campaign a textbook example of false advertising? Twice the speed for half the price? Yeah, right. In a country with lawyers that offer to sue the pants of anyone you point your finger at, I am actually surprised that Apple can print what could be perceived as an obvious lie on its iPhone posters.


    I have been scratching my head over this one for quite some time and discussed my opinion with family and colleagues. To me, it seems that Apple can stretch the truth at least into a grey area without causing questions. But if you think about it, Apple’s iPhone 3G phrase is not just grey area. It is simply untrue.

    I won’t go into the “twice the speed claim”, but what really bothers me is the “half the price” pitch. Sure, it only costs $199 compared to the $399 before. However, I doubt you can consider the iPhone hardware the complete product, especially, since you won’t be able to purchase the iPhone without a service contract.

    In my opinion, the iPhone is not just hardware, it is an inseparable package consisting of hardware and service.      

    True, AT&T said that it will be selling the iPhone without a service contract in the future, but then it will cost you $599 and $699. Not exactly half the price.

    If we stay with the package deal, you will find plenty of articles detailing the actual cost of the iPhone 3G (you can read TG Daily’s cost analysis here.) While the previous generation accumulated a cost of at least $1839 over the two-year period, the new phone will cost at least $1999. Half the price?

    Somehow I believe that most lawyers would not have a particularly difficult time convincing a court that the hardware and service is one package and that Apple’s marketing went too far and intentionally deceives its customers. This one could be expensive.

    Any bets when Apple will be sued for how much?