Mark Hurd's seduction technique revealed?

Posted by Emma Woollacott

Well, now we know how former HP chief executive Mark Hurd tries to chat women up - and it's not that different from a spotty teenage boy's tactics. Allegedly.

A letter has been made public written by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred on behalf of Jodie Fisher, the former HP salesperson who accused Hurd of sexual harassment.

It was released yesterday after a Delaware court ruled that Hurd couldn't justify keeping it under wraps - and it gives Hurd quite a telling-off.

"It is clear you had designs to make her your lover from the onset using your status and authority as CEO of HP and HP monies expecting her to be with you," it admonishes.

"It is appalling that you would use HP revenues for the purpose of procuring female companionship and romance under the guise of HP business."

According to the letter, Hurd's seduction technique was less than sophisticated, involving first-off a casual touch of the breast. Classy, say we. He also attempted to make himself appear more desirable  by claiming that singer Cheryl Crow was crazy about him.

Very graciously, apparently, he said he'd like to spend the rest of his life with her - but only if the 'chemistry in bed' was right. In the end, the letter claims, he jumped her.

Fisher dropped her harassment claim after the payment of undisclosed damages; HP continued to maintain that Hurd had done nothing wrong. Fisher has since said that the letter contains inaccuracies, although she hasn't specified what they are.

The letter also contains the allegation that Hurd told Fisher back in 2008 about HP's plans to take over EDS.

There's a copy of the full letter on Docstoc, here. Don't expect to glean any useful pulling tips.