Microsoft ships American jobs overseas

  • WTF? Microsoft is sending jobs abroad in a new outsourcing deal and deserves to be teabagged.

    Yes, under a three-year agreement announced Tuesday, India-based Infosys is expected to assume control over Microsoft's internal IT services worldwide.

    According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Infosys will use Microsoft products for the company’s tech requirements at over 450 locations in 104 countries. 

    The IT company is also expected to provide help-desk services, desk-side help, as well as infrastructure and application support for MS.

    "This agreement provides Infosys with a unique opportunity to partner with Microsoft IT and gain deep and early expertise in the implementation and management of the latest Microsoft technologies," Infosys confirmed in an official statement.

    “[This enhances] Infosys capabilities to help other customers leverage Microsoft's innovation and adopt these technologies."

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