No more iPhone pre-sales on Ebay

  • Chicago (IL) – Ebay has pulled iPhone pre-sale listings from its site.

    According to an announcement made last Friday, the iPhone now falls under the same Ebay regulations as other items that are anticipated to be in brisk demand.   

    A note on Ebay’s website reads:

    Apple iPhone Pre-Sales are prohibited. This highly-anticipated device will be in high demand after the US release on June 29th, 2007. Prior to the release of similar high-demand electronics, we saw a high number of well-intentioned sellers unable to meet their pre-sale obligations to buyers due to restricted supply, as well as an increase in fraudulent listings for these items. To prevent similar problems with the iPhone, eBay is prohibiting all pre-sales of this device.

    Just like it was the case with products such as the Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii, listings of post-launch iPhones must include a unique photograph of the item or items, the seller ID must be displayed within the photograph of the product and Paypal will be the only accepted form of payment.

    As previously reported by TG Daily, pre-sale prices of iPhones topped $1500 on the auction site.

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