How to Earn More Rewards in Betser

Betser is one of the most current and hottest sports brand platforms today. It is an affiliate of the Hero Gaming brand, which offers an innovative betting experience like no other betting company has ever thought of doing before.


What makes Bester stands out?

The “place your bet and get more rewards” concept are what set Betser from other online sports brands. Unlike the other brands wherein you only place your bets and wait for the odds to be in your favor, the Betser sports betting platform offers you a chance to get your money back every time you make a bet by giving you equivalent points. This type of promotional offer is made possible under the cool feature introduced as the Betser League.


How does Bester League work?

The Betser League is a specialized feature that serves as a loyalty program to all avid Betser players. It is quite simple. Every time you place a bet, you will receive equivalent points, depending on the amount you placed and the bet you’ve made. These points will then be accumulated and can be converted into free bets, free spins, or other promotional offers.


What are the rewards?

The rewards you get will depend on the type of sports bet you’ve made. If you bet on the match that has high odds of winning, then you’ll earn “Balls.” However, if you place your bet on the match that has low odds of winning, then you’ll get “Brains.”


How to increase rewards in Bester League?

Increasing your rewards is quite easy. Your choice of bets wouldn’t really matter that much because either way, you still get a reward. However, to have more free bets, you need to increase your rewards. How can you do this? Simple! Just follow the tips below.


1. Twosome- It is a specialized promotional offer that is exclusive for all Betser loyal players. Players have the chance to double their rewards by scoring twice on the bet of a first goal scorer.


2. Threesome- Instead of just doubling your points, you still have the chance to increase your rewards up to three times. If the odd is in your favor, you can get three times more than your initial goal scorer bet.


3. Bet Booster- As the name entails, this Betser League feature helps bettors to make a good bet by considering the market odds. Although the market is accurate all the time, it is certainly a big help, especially to those who are still a novice in Betser.


4. More Bets- It is the easiest and the laziest tactic that you can apply. Since in every bet that you make you get the chance to earn more points, why not bet more so that you can earn more, right?


Betser League is the newest and trendiest offering of Hero Gaming, a trusted iGaming company. Knowing all the features and the possible betting odds will help you increase your rewards in a breeze. Why bet on another brand when Betser League has technically everything you need.


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