Digital Marketing Trends

I did a quick search of digital marketing trends and stumbled across a number of articles and blogs on the subject. One that caught my eye was a story on written by Rebecca Lieb titled ‘9 digital marketing trends to watch in 2014.’ I won’t try to rewrite the entire article (you can read the original article here) but there were a few points that stood out.

One point Ms Lieb brought up right at the beginning of her article was the importance of building a content strategy – particularly the need for companies to organize content with an eye toward marketing. Even if you aren’t planning to hire a full-time Chief Content Officer you still need to think about ways to leverage content in your marketing plans.

Real time marketing was another area that she talks about and if you think about it the speed by which people interact with media has accelerated in recent years. Companies have to react faster than ever before. Customers expect instant feedback. These days things can go ‘viral’ in a matter of minutes rather than months.

Media convergence has been on everyone’s radar for a number of years but its even more relevant today. The lines between television viewing, surfing the web, shopping, traditional advertising, on-demand programming, digital signage, even gaming and other technologies are blurring. More and more often these technologies cross each other’s boundaries and savvy marketers will try to take advantage.

Media convergence incorporates two other trends that Lieb discusses – interoperability and mobile. People are building much more complicated and interconnected personal networks that go far beyond a circle of friends on Facebook. Today our smartphones, tablets, televisions, internet, shopping, and traditional social networks are all converging and marketing trends are beginning to deal with this phenomena.

Rebecca Lieb talks about a number of other digital marketing trends and her article is worth checking out.



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