This Is What We’d Look Like If We Evolved to Survive Car-Crashes

Humans were not modelled to survive car accidents but if they were, they would not make a pretty sight.

New Fin Tech Systems and How They are Improving Lives

So many things have changed in the financial space over the last few years and new changes are still coming.

Games To Consider During a Long Trip

Having an activity to pass the time while traveling is essential to keeping your sanity.

Snowden Working on Spy-Proof Phone Case

The standalone phone case will alert the user if their phone is being tapped.

Tinder Goes Social, Pointing Fingers at Facebook

The popular dating app now lets you connect socially with people just to hang out at events.

Even Apple Makes Millions With Pokemon Go

iPhone users are buying Pokecoins to get additional features in the app.

How to improve your gaming skills

As gaming technology has evolved, players have started to put in serious time and effort to perfect their gaming skills.

Tesla Expansion Plans: Trucks, Solar Energy, Uber...

Elon Musk's ambitious plans are called "The Master Plan, Part Deux"

Kickass Torrents Goes Blank as Alleged Owner Behind Bars in Poland

The popular torrent hosting site has been shut down after the arrest was made.

Indonesia in Pokemon Fever, Dismissing Religious Edict

The clerical body renewed a 15-year-old fatwa that declared the Pokemon game franchise un-Islamic.

Review: Sony h.ear Wireless Headphones, Made for the Modern Urbanite

These headphones offer a great noise-cancellation experience, a blessing for city dwellers.

Twitter Lets Everyone Apply for Blue Ticks On their Profile

Everyone gets a chance to widen their social reach on the platform.

Pokemon Go Claims First Death: Teen Boy Shot in Guatemala

‘He was already in bed when his cousin sent him a message asking him to go out and play the game,” his mother said.

FaceBook Labs Have Made Progress in Light-Based Wireless Internet

The technology will use laser light to carry information across the atmosphere, and can offer very high bandwidth.

‘Pretty Woman’ Director Garry Marshall Passes Away at 81

‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘The Princess Diaries’ director Garry Marshall breathes his last.

Space Exploration Day: Next Destination Mars?

The Apollo 11 Lunar Mission proved to be a catalyst for advancements of modern medicinal science, and technology.

Brazil Judge Briefly Blocks WhatsApp for a Criminal Case

WhatsApp said that messages sent over the app are not stored on its servers and can’t be turned over to courts.

Rudy Giuliani, BlackBerry Security, IoT Insecurity and the Changed Unsecure World

Traditional methods and approaches to security just aren’t up to the task of protecting us.