Answers To Basic Questions Regarding Help In Speech Writing

The game of words is the most powerful tool a person can use to pour out his thoughts and ideas into somebody else's brain and thought process.

Cutting the Cable: Watching TV with a Mini-PC and Kodi

Cable TV used to be the best and most reliant method of getting good content on your TV screen. Now it is practically outdated and overpriced, streaming is the new cable.

Review: LG PH1 Lights up Your Room Along With Quality Music

The small-size wireless speaker lets you talk on the phone hands-free as well.

The real cost of robotics

The media’s current infatuation with industrial robots and automated manufacturing has these guys whipped into a frenzy. I know how they feel because I feel the same way.

Reasons To Take Assistance For History Essay Writing

Writing an essay in itself is a hectic job but if one has to write a subject oriented essay then it becomes even a more difficult task.

Is Google Dissing Apple Over iPhones' Storage?

I'll never understand why Apple makes a 16 GB phone, neither does Google.

The $120 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Since not all of us are built like Brad Pitt or Will Smith, and even fewer have absorbed a Navy Seal training, I thought I’d put a kit together to increase our chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Reviewers Review: Suicide Squad-Or Most Professional Reviewers Are Full Of Crap

It really seems that professional reviewers are on some kind of bad trip because I’ve gone to movies that they just rave about and thought water boarding would be more fun and I’ve gone to a number of movies they hated and loved them. Last week, again, I went to a movie they panned and I had a great time. The movie was Suicide Squad. And it did around $135M last weekend so a lot of you saw it too. But, for those that didn’t, here are my thoughts. (No spoilers). Be aware for this movie you do have to like DC’s approach to superheroes. They don’t do comedy well and, for whatever reason, like a...

The Perks of Online Banking

In today’s fast-paced world, tracking and planning our finances is just another painful task. But with online banking, we have easy access to our bank accounts

Watch: NASA’s Rocket Booster Test in Extreme Slow Motion

The global space organisation has given everyone a glimpse into the power that is used to lift a rocket.

Downey Jr. Gets Fans Excited With Avengers Movie Poster

Robert Downey Jr sparked debate among fans of the superhero universe when he shared a fan-made ‘Avengers’ poster.

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Check Whether Your Partner Is Cheating

Cheating partners are pesky things. Often when people begin thinking that their partner is cheating on them, they are abruptly told that they are being gooey or paranoid.

The digital gender divide: how gender affects our time spent online

When it comes to technology there has been a definite perception that it is only of interest to the male sex. But things are changing.

Turi: A Boost For Apple's Siri?

The Cupertino-based giant is finally stepping on the throttle in the field of machine learning and AI.

Seeking Help At Preparing An Effective Goodbye Speech

The benefits of taking help for preparing a farewell speech online from

Choosing the Right Domain Name - Why It's Important

Many people make a very quick decision about the domain name that they choose. This can work for some, if they are fortunate, but for others it can be a disaster.

How to Structure a Blog Post That Gets Ranked Highly on Google

You write blog posts and wait for them to get to the first page of the Google results. But they never do. What are you doing wrong? Throws in The Towel

After Kickass Torrents was shut down, another torrent site will no longer be available to users.