BYOD vs CYOD: Which is right for your organisation?

By 2017 half of employers will require employees to supply their own devices. For the other half, CYOD offers a realistic option for meeting those essential mobility needs.

Unicode 7.0 comes with 250 new emoji

New emoji include the middle finger adding much needed relief to mobile users who are about to get bombarded with crude and cute.

Musician goes all maker with Ekocycle Cube 3D printer

3D Systems (3DS), and Coca Cola are coming out with a 3D printer that uses old recycled plastic to create sustainable 3D printed products.

Leaked image of Apple iPhone 6 next to Galaxy S5 is an eye opener

iPhone 6 is tall but slender compared to the Galaxy S5.

Robot printer PPrintee drives itself and fits in your pocket

PPrintee Lab is trying to raise $330,000 on to develop a prototype portable printer that drives itself around a piece of paper as it prints.

Transportation Department wants power to regulate map apps

The National Transportation Department is intensifying its battle against distracted driving by seeking explicit authority from Congress to regulate navigation aids of all types, including apps on smartphones.

Microsoft debuts cloud-based machine learning

Microsoft is introducing a new cloud-based service called Azure Machine Learning that helps companies use data analysis to predict behavior.

Amazon boasts 240,000 apps, devs still like Kindle Fire

Amazon has just announced that the Appstore now has over 240,000 apps and games, triple what it had last year. And, according to a new survey, Kindle Fire developers are seeing more revenues than on other platforms.

Microsoft researcher wants a week long battery

Microsoft exploring better ways to increase battery life through software and re-configuration of existing designs.

Why the Twitter-Amazon partnership will be driven by customer experience

Providing an exceptional user experience is the duty of both companies.

Your hard disk is the biggest culprit in data loss

Survey reveals that three quarters of people attribute data loss to hard disk failures.

Facebook puts video sharing into Messenger

iOS and Android Messenger apps will let you send short 15 second video clips to your friends.

The world's largest TV is a 30ft behemoth

Let's get that right in TV specs: it's a 370in giant that dwarfs the previous title-holder by almost 240in.

Building a mobile app? Users needed to be engaged and fast

Business that want to take advantage of the mobile web need to make sure their apps work well and fast. Research shows that consumers just don't have much patience.