Is Rock Band Coming Back?

Here's hoping that rock video games could have a big comeback

Hellboy Beer is Coming

Happy Birthday Hellboy

Back to the Future DeLorean iPhone Case is Coming

Another gadget to help us celebrate BTTF's 30th Anniversary

Can Another Pirates Flick Save Johnny Depp

Depp is currently setting sail in Australia

NVIDIA Grid Hitting 40 Free Games: Creating the Perfect Mobile Set Top Box

Shield products are fast becoming my favorite mobile entertainment products.

Build Your Own Lightsaber

Coming to toy stores this Fall

Women Still Don't Like Rush?

We thought women liked metal now more than ever

Will There Be a Big Hero 6 Sequel?

The most obvious potential future Marvel franchise

Apple Might Be Working on a Self-Driving Car

Could they get it on the market first?

Guillermo Del Toro's Ultimate Masterpiece?

Crimson Peak coming this October

Assassin's Creed Movie Casting Coming Together

The end of the decade could be the era of the video game movie

Please No More Halloween Remakes

Pretty please?

Could the Director of District 9 Revive Alien?

Can Neill Blomkamp finally bring Alien back?

Billy Dee Williams Wants Lando to Come Back

Billy Dee! Billy Dee! Billy Dee!

Evil Dead Starz Series is Coming Together

Bruce Campbell is back

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