NASA has a Halloween surprise for us, the asteroid 2015 TB145

The 2015 TB145 will fly past us at a "safe" distance on Halloween.

Batman vs Superman production wrapped up and someone killed Doomsday

Doomsday is out, fans desperately seeking a super villain

Hackers and Traders, a new dream team

Hackers are looking towards the Stock Market, where the big money is.

Keanu Reeves talks about John Wick 2

The sympathetic killer with a heart for dogs will be coming back

The Predator X34, a gamer's delight

Acer has announced a new $1,300 addition to its Predator line.

"Die Hard" hard to kill

Die Hard 6 will be set in 1979 New York with a younger John McClane

A star so strange that it could be a sign of alien civilization

A dyson structure is one explanation scientists have for the strange observations on KIC 8462852

The howling cannibal in the desert is a mouse

Cute isn't always friendly

Will the next Bond be driving an e-car?

As sexy as an electric car can get

The Temples of Apple

New technologies bring new gods

Does your "best friend" have demence?

Your dog's strange behaviour could be a sign of demence

Will we be seeing a Planet Hulk movie soon?

The Hulk will team up with Thor on a distant planet

A metal lighter than a feather

Boeing is trying to make airplanes lighter and more efficient.

Why you may never own a self-driving car

The car might become a status symbol that not everyone will want.

Google’s OnHub router is a disguised Chromebook

The OnHub is a computer packed in a cylinder.

Fear the Walking Dead, season two spoilers

Fans can look forward to a faster paced season two with more friction between the characters in their fight to survive the zombie apocalypse.