Mobli now streams live video from your phone

Mobli, the Israeli-based developer has just released version 4.0 of their picture and video sharing app that now includes live video streaming. iOS users (and soon Android users) are now able to stream live video from their devices.

The Coming Wave of Awesome: $100 8” Intel Powered Windows 8 Tablets

Chinese manufacturers believe that 8" tablets are the ideal size. With Intel at their backs, they are targeting unsubsidized $100 price points. Wow!

We are all entitled to net neutrality…but the FCC believes some entities are more entitled than others

This morning the FCC decided to approve a controversial proposal on net neutrality which now goes into a four-month period where it is open to public comment. I’m sure they are going to get a boat-load of public comments – and you can bet most of them won’t be polite.

You just can't escape some vampires

Today we learned that David Cohen, executive vice president of Comcast predicted at a conference Wednesday that in five years' time, the company will have "a usage-based billing model rolled out across its footprint." So no matter what happens with the FCC's ruling on net neutrality, we're still going to pay.

Antiviral software isn't doing the job

It has been 25 years since the emergence of anti-virus software. Today's threat environment makes them obsolete.

Netflix net-hog stats may have been rigged

A number of websites have been carrying a story today about a recently released report from Sandvine Incorporated ULC. The report stated that Netflix now accounts for 34% of peak internet traffic. But that report may have been rigged.

Smarten up your tennis racket with a Shot Stats Challenger

There may be a new tennis accessory coming along that adds smarts to your racket. A new startup has introduced the Tennis Shot Stats Challenger, a device that connects to your racket and sends data back to your smartphone or tablet or it can be used on its own.

Samsung eyes glass market

New reports out of Korea indicate that Samsung is gearing up to enter the wearable glasses scene as early as this September at the IFA technology show in Berlin. The device is set to launch with the not-so imaginative name Gear Glass.

Internet of All Things: dystopia or utopia?

The talking heads of technology are gushing about wearable tech, augmented reality, and persistent, permanent connectivity for all devices according to a new report.

Will Yahoo shutter Blink?

Yesterday Yahoo announced that it was buying Blink, the instant messaging service that lets users determine how long their messages will last before they self-destruct. Question is, has Yahoo already started the timer on Blink?

Google ordered to rewrite history if asked

It is being called the ‘right to be forgotten’ by some folks, others are calling it censorship and Google is calling it ‘unfortunate.’ Yesterday the European Court of Justice ruled that Google must remove links to old stories about people if they ask.

How do you get split-screen support on an iPad? Buy a second iPad.

There have been a number of posts and articles about the rumors that Apple will introduce split-screen multitasking to iOS 8 at their upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Some say this is a good thing while others are a bit more skeptical.

AT&T wants to buy its way back into show biz with DirecTV

Recently announced rumors have it that AT&T is deep in talks to buy satellite TV provider DirecTV for something like $50 billion. But AT&T isn’t afraid to spend billions for things they really want.

Let’s muddy up this net neutrality issue a bit more

Last week Cogent CEO Dave Schaeffer testified in front of a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Comcast's planned acquisition of Time Warner Cable and he said that Comcast is the one who should be paying for connectivity not the other way round.

BlackBerry not dead yet

BlackBerry has announced that they are launching a new inexpensive smartphone in Indonesia. Dubbed the Z3 (Jakarta Edition) BlackBerry is hoping the new phone will help keep the company afloat just a bit longer.

European court to Google: People have a right to be forgotten

A landmark judgement against Google by the Court of Justice of the European Union creates 3 compelling, game changing moments for the Internet.

Smartphones are stressing out the Brits

The problem is that we are all using our phones too much, rely on them too much, and in some cases, value them over basic sustenance.

Office for iPad downloaded 27 million times

According to Julia White, general manager of Microsoft's Office Division, the Office for iPad app has been downloaded about 27 million times. Apparently Apple users do actually want to do more with their devices than just play music or paint pretty pictures.