Cameron Crowe is Back With Roadies

Crowe returns to the world of rock and roll for Showtime

To Hell With Terrorists: Go To the Movies

Obama encourages America not to be afraid of the theater

More Warnings of Franchise Overload

First Star Wars, now superhero films could be the end of cinema

Walking Dead Spin-Off to Take Place in L.A.

Zombies soon to hit SoCal

Video Games Could Destroy the World in Pixels

Can Adam Sandler save us?

Intel Moves to Storm IOT Market

It typically takes a vendor of Intel’s class and stature to solve a problem like IOT.

The HP EliteBook 755: HP and AMD Have a Winner Notebook This Season

Frankly I thought every laptop would have this capability by now.

Could Sam Raimi Return to Spider-Man?

Should Spider-Man get another reboot, or should Marvel call it a day?

Doctor Strange Casting Rumors

We know who's playing the title role, who else is up for the long awaited Marvel adaptation?

Blackhat Thriller is Right on Time

Michael Mann returns with a new thriller in January

Ridley Scott is Excited About Blade Runner 2

Harrison Ford reportedly loves the script

And the Black Friday Console Winner Is...

Consumers pick their favorite console, and it's a dark horse winner

Mark Hamill Drops More Force Awakens Details

The original Star Wars star tells all

Spain: no news is bad news

Last week Google announced that they will be shutting down Google News Spain on Tuesday, December 16 and remove Spanish publishers from Google News in other countries.

FBI hot (or not) on the trail of Sony hackers

I strongly suspect that the FBI will never find out who hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Kong to Return in 2017

The big monkey is back