FCC net neutrality debate receives over one million comments

As the debate over an open Internet gathers pace, the issue looks set to break a number of online records, with it already being the most digitally commented on subject in FCC history.

UK spying on Google, Facebook etc. perfectly legal

Charles Farr, director general of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, says spying on American-based search and social media traffic was perfectly legal under British law.

Microsoft’s Bing forgets too

Following a rash of stories about Google’s attempts to erase the past because of an EU court ruling, Microsoft has also started taking ‘right to be forgotten’ requests.

Facebook wants to connect more celebs

Facebook is rolling out a new feature called Facebook Mentions that is designed to get more celebrities involved with more people.

Airbnb's Belo logo is its Madden Moment

Is Airbnb's very expensive new logo going to punk us at some point because it looks like a joke.

Microsoft study shows weak passwords and reuse not so bad

An interesting study from Microsoft Research has shown that using weak passwords and reusing them for various sites might not be so bad after all.

Attorney General weighs in on Apple eBook price-fixing

Attorney General George Jepsen issued a statement today regarding Apple’s role in the eBook price-fixing case that could end up costing Apple $400 million dollars.

Microsoft cutting 18,000 jobs

According to a company email sent around to employees today, Microsoft will be laying off 18,000 people, roughly 14% of their workforce.

Google Glass: Our reactions after trying it out hands-on

After getting a Google Glass into the office, the ITProPortal team shares their thoughts on the technology, the execution, and whether smart eyewear has a future.

Google+ to users: go ahead, be a troll

Google is going to allow pseudonyms. Whether it is too late to save Google+ remains debatable.

Imprisoned real life dictator Noriega sues Activision over dis

He is in prison but that hasn't stopped former murderous ruler of Panama, Manuel Noriega, suing over a murderous Call of Duty: Black Ops II character.

American Bar Association discouraging file sharing lawsuits

Piracy laws are radically changing, as the American Bar Association discourages its lawyers from starting online copyright lawsuits due to potential public relation problems.

Apple-IBM deal hurts Blackberry in the enterprise

CEO John Chen is trying to revive the brand and remains confident despite Apple muscling in on its turf.

Microsoft’s Cortana Takes Over Connected Home

Microsoft and Smarthome have been quietly working behind the scenes to create something a little bit amazing.