Amazon petitions FAA to test drone deliveries

While many people think it is little more than a publicity stunt Amazon has petitioned the FAA for an exemption from rules barring it from testing drones as possible delivery devices.

Helsinki is replacing cars with apps

The Finnish capital has a plan to eradicate privately owned cars by 2025.

Blu-ray vs tape: Which storage technology is best for your business?

This article examines Facebook’s choice of Blu-Ray as a data storage solution over more established options, and gives insight into the capabilities and cost of tape compared to Blu-ray.

Tech site CNET ransomed for Bitcoins by Russian hackers

Russian hacker group w0rm hijacked CNET.

First pioneer .scot domains go live today

50 .scot domains going live today including the Scottish government and both sides of the independence movement. Freedom!

Apple respectfully denies Chinese claims that iPhones are a security threat

In a carefully and respectfully worded post on Apple’s Chinese website the company denied claims made on Chinese television that iPhones were a concern to national security.

BYOD not without problems

While predictions about Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) paint a rosy future the reality is something less than expected.

Apple's iPhone 6 "phablet" delayed: so what?

The problem seems to be in manufacturing of the case and glass, problems that don't seem to be impacting the "rumored" 4.7 inch iPhone 6.

Yo! Watch out for rockets coming your way

Yo may have got a dubious $1 million investment but it has its uses for the war torn.

Mobile app of the day: Boxes

It’s hard to describe Boxes in a nutshell: Home inventory, stock list, mood board, décor researcher – it’s all that and more.

LG building flexible TVs you can roll up like posters

This flexibility has been achieved by using a "high molecular substance-based polyimide film" instead of plastic and LG believes that large screens are not too far away.

FTC v. Amazon: stop taking candy from the baby

Amazon's policies resulted in millions of dollars of unauthorized in-app purchases by kids. Time to pay up.

Google outlines ‘right to be forgotten’ plans

In a blog post today Google’s David Drummond, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer outlined Google’s plans to deal with ‘right to be forgotten’ requests.

Samsung 850 Pro review: The best SSD of 2014?

We review the brand new Samsung 850 Pro, an SSD that's making waves in the memory space for its revolutionary 3D V-NAND technology. But how does it stack up?

Botnet virtual currency hackers caught by Greek police

Around 50,000 Facebook accounts and 250,000 PCs were hacked to spread .zip files to mine the Litecoin.

Mobile app of the day: MiTime

If you have ever been late for an appointment or meeting in the past you may find MiTime is the ideal travel partner.

Bell Labs broadband speed record of 10Gbps

Record set in a laboratory in Belgium it’s claimed it could reduce fibre-optic costs in big cities.