Fashion prince brings tweet to pay to London

Marc Jacob's second pop-up shop of its kind opening in London and allowing payments using tweets as well as a wealth of other activities to attendees.

Is SketchFactor a racist app?

The app uses the wisdom of the crowd to identify bad neighborhoods and the Twitterverse says it is racist.

Apple may be bringing Siri to the desktop

Yosemite could be the first OS with integrated voice recognition with no third party applications required.

Okay, Apple products not banned in China after all

Earlier this week we reported that Apple products were being banned in China - apparently that wasn't exactly true.

Will a robot replace you by 2025?

According to a new study 48 percent of experts say yes, robots and AI will have a significant impact on jobs.

John McAfee is not crazy; he is a revolutionary

McAfee built a multi-billion dollar software security business, went a little nuts, and now wants to go revolutionary, fighting for freedom.

Enterprise security is more than just one moment in time

The changing nature of the threat landscape, and the ever-growing sophistication of hackers, means the way organizations protect themselves must change too.

Microsoft posts huge losses on Surface sales

Analysts estimate Surface losses have almost reached $2 billion and wonder whether the new CEO has enough patience to persist.

Technology causing new generation gap

New study reveal parents feel they are being left behind by technology and there's a generation divide being created as a result.

IBM forges Chinese cloud security deal

IBM will be helping bolster the security of a Chinese financial data firm using cloud-based risk analysis.

BlackBerry's Secure Work Space gets US security clearance on iOS and Android

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 [BES10] can now be used by any division within the Department of Defense after it gained yet another approval.

Sony to launch curved 4K Bravia S90 TV at IFA

Sony has announced that it will launch its first curved 4K TV at the IFA trade event in Berlin next month.

Wikipedia founder brands 'right to be forgotten' censorship "immoral"

The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, has branded the EU’s Right to be Forgotten ruling as a “deeply immoral” censorship and dangerous step towards the “sanitisation of human knowledge.”

No more Charms bar in Windows 9

The Charms bar - handy for touch devices and akward for mouse and keyboard - is to be removed from Windows 9.

Google Fit SDK preview version released

Wearables are the next big thing in mobile accessories, and while they remain unproven as an opportunity, generating more hype than real world success, fitness and health is seen as a driving force behind their adoption.

Parents ignoring teens: driving drunk and texting

A report by Liberty Mutual Holding, an insurance company, says that, ironically, US parents are ignoring their teenage children when it comes to some serious stuff like not dying while driving.

IBM's silicon human brain: more cat and mouse than human

It's smarter than the average chip according to IBM, and can simulate the brain's neurons, doing brain-like stuff without consuming a lot of power.

Biggest recall of flat screens in the US

Vizio has to recall 245,000 displays because they might just fall over. That's not a good thing.