Next Transformers May Be Ready in 2017

The franchise is getting a Star Wars / Marvel style expanded universe

Daredevil For the Blind

New Netflix feature could be the way of the future

New Fantastic Four and Jurassic World Trailers Drop

Which major franchise will come in on top?

Concept cars – why bother?

Chevy has unveiled their spiffy FNR concept car that features ‘dragonfly’ swing doors, motorized hubless wheels and front seats can swivel 180 degrees - trouble is you'll never be able to buy one.

NSA spying okay, just don’t look at the naughty bits

Earlier this month John Oliver, host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, did a segment about NSA spying and discovered that people don't really care - unless the NSA is looking at their nude photos.

Solving the Apple Watch battery problem

The Apple Watch hasn’t even shipped yet and people are already wondering if there is going to be a problem with the limited battery life.

The Problem With Tesla: They Make Performance Buyers Look Stupid

You sure as hell can tell the difference between a regular and high performance Mustang, Corvette, Charger, Challenger, or even Cadillac. But with Tesla you might need some coaching.

Batman Vs Superman Trailer Is Here

"Tell me, do you bleed?"

Star Wars Trailer Is a Big Viral Hit

Big surprise here...

AMC's Preacher Has Its Lead

Will this be the next Walking Dead?

Refurbished, reconditioned and remanufactured – what do these terms really mean?

We see the term ‘refurbished’ all the time (along with many other phrases) but where do these products come from, and, are they worth checking out?

Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer Fan Reaction

Fans at Star Wars Celebration rave

Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel News

The soundtrack has to live up to big epxectations too

Ryan Gosling Up For Blade Runner Sequel

Sequel set to shoot next summer

Full Blown Star Wars the Force Awakens Trailer Drops

"The force is strong in my family..."

How much computer do you really need?

We all have come to believe that faster processors, more RAM, and larger hard drives are better when it comes to buying computers. But if you are truly honest with yourself you could end up saving yourself or your company a lot of money.

Game of Thrones Reaches Record High

Ratings bigger than ever