Batman vs Superman production wrapped up and someone killed Doomsday

Doomsday is out, fans desperately seeking a super villain

Hackers and Traders, a new dream team

Hackers are looking towards the Stock Market, where the big money is.

Keanu Reeves talks about John Wick 2

The sympathetic killer with a heart for dogs will be coming back

The Predator X34, a gamer's delight

Acer has announced a new $1,300 addition to its Predator line.

"Die Hard" hard to kill

Die Hard 6 will be set in 1979 New York with a younger John McClane

A star so strange that it could be a sign of alien civilization

A dyson structure is one explanation scientists have for the strange observations on KIC 8462852

The howling cannibal in the desert is a mouse

Cute isn't always friendly

Will the next Bond be driving an e-car?

As sexy as an electric car can get

The Temples of Apple

New technologies bring new gods

Does your "best friend" have demence?

Your dog's strange behaviour could be a sign of demence

Will we be seeing a Planet Hulk movie soon?

The Hulk will team up with Thor on a distant planet

A metal lighter than a feather

Boeing is trying to make airplanes lighter and more efficient.

Why you may never own a self-driving car

The car might become a status symbol that not everyone will want.

Google’s OnHub router is a disguised Chromebook

The OnHub is a computer packed in a cylinder.

Fear the Walking Dead, season two spoilers

Fans can look forward to a faster paced season two with more friction between the characters in their fight to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Dell playing big, planning one of the biggest tech takeovers

Dell could become the largest corporate IT service provider.