The Flash is Apparently a Winner

Another Superhero Makes a Strong Debut on TV

Walking Dead Gets a Sixth Season

Right Before It's Debut, The Walking Dead is Renewed

Star Wars: Spoil This and Die

Don't You Dare Give Away Anything About Star Wars Episode VII

JK Rowling Stirs Harry Potter Mania on Twitter

The World of Harry Potter Will Soon Return

Can you use a 3D printer to print another 3D printer?

Sometimes even technology gets philosophical.

Cortana picks 12 out of 15 and no one cares

I’ve been tracking Microsoft’s AI Cortana’s NFL picks because, well, I want to even though no one but me really cares.

Dredd is Back to Fight the Dark Judges

Short Dredd Spin Off Brings Us the Battle We've Been Waiting For

Twin Peaks to Return

The Nineties TV Classic Will Be Back on Showtime in 2016

The Assassin's Creed Frame Debate

Ubisoft Apparently Responding to Fan Complaints and Keeping the Game at One Speed

Howard Stern Loses His Nemesis

The Man Known as Pig Vomit Is No More

Winter Movie Preview

What We Can Look Forward to At the Movies

The Star Wars Rebels Plan

What We Can Expect From the Latest Star Wars Spin Off

Guardians of the Galaxy DVD / BluRay To Include Avengers 2 Preview

Behind the Scenes Look at Avengers Age of Ultron Coming with Guardians Home Release This November

Pink Floyd's Last Go Around

Pink Floyd to Release One More Album, Their First in Twenty Years

Inherent Vice Not So Nice?

Director Paul Thomas Anderson Gets High on the Seventies Again

Do we really want Google to be the Internet police?

It seems like any time anyone has an issue with something on the Internet they expect Google to fix it – and fix it fast.

We are drowning in subscriptions

We are living in a world of cheap razors and razor blades that we have to buy for the rest of our lives. Only now the razors are our devices and the blades are the subscription services offered for those devices.

IBM and NVIDIA Partner to Make OpenPower a Real Threat

The OpenPOWER Foundation effectively moves from a proof of concept to a power in the industry.