Raising a lot of VC money is not always a good thing

The more money you get from a VC the less chance you have a happy ending. Or so it seems according to research by ExitRound.

Incremental advances and a lot of copy and paste at Apple’s 2014 Developers Conference

The Apple 2014 Developers Conference kicked off this morning with a pretty much ho-hum list of incremental advances to the Mac and iOS ecosystem. They picked a few nits, borrowed a few more Android and Windows features and pointed to a few bandwagons they plan to jump on...sometime…in the future.

Nokia adds Desti AI to travel planning

Nokia’s HERE division has announced that they will be incorporating newly acquired Desti technology into their maps hopefully giving travelers a more personalized travel planning experience.

FCC ponders redefining broadband

How fast is broadband? For years ISPs and other companies have been playing fast and loose with their definitions of broadband, and while there is an official definition the FCC is circulating an internal document that may bump the minimum up- and download speeds required to call yourself broadband.

Asus transformer device combines Windows and Android

Asus apparently can’t decide where to place its bets these days so it has decided to bet on all of them. Earlier today the company showed off their Transformer Book V, a device that combines a smartphone running Android with a Windows tablet. The smartphone slides into the tablet allowing users to switch between operating systems at the touch of a button.

Tizen :: Android as Android :: iOS

Samsung just announced that it is launching a Tizen phone in Russia after it committed to the OS for all of its wearable devices.

Leaked images show Yosemite changes prior to WWDC

The new Control Center looks like it is more tightly aligned with the company's mobile offerings.

Wearable tech tsunami approaching

It’s inevitable. Just about every company you can think of is coming out with some sort of wearable tech and most of them seem to have some sort of health-related functionality.

GOkey offers charging, syncing, storage, battery and locator in one keychain device

One of the most successful crowdfunding projects on indiegogo.com is GOkey. They’ve already raised nearly $430,000 more than their original $40,000 goal and the reasons are fairly obvious – it’s a cool little device that clips to your keychain and it comes with just the right combination of features.

An electronic nose for your smartphone

A crowdfunding project on indiegogo.com called PERES should be bringing an electronic nose to a kitchen near you by the end of this year. The company has developed a portable sniffer that can detect gasses emanating from beef, pork, chicken or fish that indicate the food has gone bad.

Surprise, surprise - IDC reports smartphone sales on the rise

IDC has come out with their Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report and it’s no surprise that smartphone sales across the world have jumped from approximately one billion units shipped in 2013 to an estimated 1.2 billion units shipped in 2014.

Service providers send 1.3 million piracy warnings

In the first ten months that the ‘six strikes’ Copyright Alert System (CAS) has been in effect five Internet providers have sent out 1.3 million warnings to customers suspected of illegal downloading and file sharing.

Samsung (and just about everybody else) cares about your health

Earlier today Samsung unveiled Simband, a prototype wearable health and wellness tracker capable of measuring a wearer's heart rate, blood pressure, and more. Seems like just about everyone is coming out with some sort of health tracking device these days.

New Matter developing affordable 3D printing system

New Matter is shooting to bring 3D printer technology to the masses later this year with their MOD-t printer, software and online store. The company is currently going through the crowdfunding process on Indiegogo.com.