The Internet of Things: increasing the security nightmare

A new report claims that a couple of security concerns on a single device in IoT can quickly turn into 50 or 60 concerns with multiple devices.

Beats: What did Apple buy for $3 billion?

Today, Apple officially welcomed Beast into the company fold.

2015: the year your Hilton room key is your mobile

Hilton Worldwide is shaping itself up to be a millennial friendly destination at any port of call with an extremely mobile friendly approach.

What would happen if U.S. tech firms turned off the lights?

Countries around the world have been cracking down on U.S. based tech companies for a variety of reasons, but what would happen if U.S. companies began to fight back?

Fitness, dating and news apps rise in UK summer heat

App Annie analytics firm says fitness, dating and news apps see uptick in UK during summer months.

Is Amazon losing its grip on the cloud?

IBM, Microsoft and others are making big pushes into the cloud space but is this really a sign that Amazon is losing its grip?

USB devices can be hacked maliciously

USB devices are ubiquitous: keyboards, mice, headsets and pocket drives and now they have become a potential security threat.

Worst job search in the world

The NSA is looking for a Director of Strategic Communications on LinkedIn. Why is it even advertised?

9 keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" – Winston Churchill.

Be the app, my friend, be the app

Bruce Lee once said, "Be water, my friend." But then again, dear Bruce didn't have a smartphone.

Chinese antitrust ninjas descend on Microsoft offices

Microsoft has had its offices in China swooped upon by officials in an apparent antitrust investigation.

Netflix buckles to another ISP: This time it’s AT&T

Netflix has been in an ongoing battle of words with ISPs, and apparently they are now paying AT&T extortion money too.

Facebook getting out of the gift card business

Facebook is backing out of the gift card business. Facebook’s Gifts service is set to be discontinued on August 12.

New study measures economic impact of NSA’s spying

A new study from the New America Foundation shows NSA actions are hurting U.S. based tech companies.

Google+: no. Google Hangouts: Yes!

Finally, Google does less evil. You don't need to have a Google+ account to enjoy the wonders of Hangouts.

UK wants to test driverless cars

Showing the can-do spirit that got them through a couple of world wars, the Brits are going to test cars that drive themselves in 3 cities next year.

"Home-grown" mobile vendors cracking European wall

New report shows there may be cracks in Apple and Samsung's stranglehold on European market.

New home buyers say mobile coverage more important than schools

45 percent of new home buyers more concerned about having a good mobile phone signal over anything else.