The Cicret behind the futuristic bracelet

The Cicret bracelet could be a smart watch killer.

The seductive mouse

Female mice sing back when they want sex

Space bound GoPro found after 2 years

An amazing story about some guys, a balloon, a camera and a long, long trip through the atmosphere.

Samsung snubs Apple with a well-timed ad

Samsung takes a hit at Apple after their big event

American Gods TV series is taking shape

The TV adaption of Neil Gaiman's novel is showing signs of life.

DoJ wants Microsoft to turn over Leprechaun emails

Department of Justice trying to force Microsoft to violate international law

Feds are chasing Apple unicorns

The Justice Department is considering suing Apple over iMessage encryption

Is the new iPad Pro really faster than a Surface Pro 3?

Comparing Apples to all things not Apple

Squids help make self-healing bioplastic

Researchers make a bioplastic that only needs water to heal.

Tractor beams, hoverboards and MFA

The NASA is working on a tractor beam and the technology comes from a hoverboard.

DARPA recruiting innovation at the “Wait, What?” Forum

The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking for new ideas.

Fujitsu receiver could download a 4k movie to your phone in an instant

A 4k movie, on the phone, to go? Soon it will be possible.

EOLO will use Microwave Technology to boost Broadband Data Services

Italian Company is boosting Broadband speed with latest microwave technology

BMC vs. Sun: Focus Is Key

BMC could do what Sun once promised to do but lost focus.

Spectre, we have the theme and we have a poster

The new Poster for the twenty-fourth James Bond movie, Spectre, is out.

The Transporter Refuelled, is it really a Transporter without Statham?

Was anybody expecting The Transporter Refueled to be a success?

The 2016 BMW 7 series, a look at what's new

The new Bavarian flagship is coming soon, there is a lot to look forward to.

Fermat’s Last Theorem

The “truly marvelous proof” that took 357 years to prove