Samsung Galaxy F: is this new premium S5?

A leaked image of a new S5-like handset with a heart rate sensor and brushed metal finish hints a premium Samsung phone on its way to market.

Mobile operators have to look beyond 4G

While 4G will remain an key component for operator success, the data produced by networks, and how it is used to improve QoE for customers, will prove the defining factor between success and failure.

Bright Weather: an app for the obsessed

Weather is the one topic of conversation that is easy to set up and innocuous. It is also the one thing that man has been striving to get right for millenia.

Apple still rumored to release smartwatch

Every month or two somebody kicks the rumor tree and, like Newton predicted, Apple rumors fall. This time it’s the same old, bordering-on-tedious ‘Apple will be shipping a smartwatch any month now’ drivel yet again.

Dos Owls’ ODIN is a small projector with an Android brain

Dos Owls is looking to launch ODIN, a small, lightweight projector with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, speakers and Android KitKat. The company is raising seed money on Kickstarter and they are more than half way toward their $250,000 goal.

360cam from GIROPTIC takes amazing panoramic pics and vids in HD

The 360cam from GIROPTIC is one of those ‘I gotta get one!’ products currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. It’s a small, pear-shaped device that takes pictures or videos in full 360 degree HD.

Edyn wants to help you grow

Edyn is a startup company raising seed money on Kickstarter and they are looking to produce two products to help you make your garden grow; the Edyn Garden Sensor and the Edyn Water Valve.

Virginia DMV wants taxis not progress

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles wants to be counted among the cities (and now states) who believe the taxi industry is good and ride-sharing is bad. The Virginia DMV has just issued ‘cease and desist’ orders against Uber and Lyft. Their justification was “Virginia law requires for-hire passenger carriers to have proper operating authority,” and the two ride-sharing services apparently don’t.

U.S. consumers think Time Warner and Comcast stink

Just when you thought the two cable giants couldn’t screw things up any more than they already have a new study from the American Customer Satisfaction Index reveals that both companies hit the bottom of the list when it comes to customer satisfaction and, it turns out that Internet service providers are the most reviled industries in the U.S.

Amazon 3D smartphone? Sure, why not?

So Amazon is going to announce something on June 18. Right now, that’s about all anyone knows for sure. They have posted a teaser video on their Twitter site showing people looking at something while burbling a lot of ‘ooh’s and ‘ahh’s, and it seems like that was enough to get tech reporters around the world speculating that it is going to be some sort of 3D smartphone.

Apple ‘borrows’ HealthKit concept and name

Apple announced a lot of new things at their developer conference, but it turns out that some of those things weren’t exactly new. Apple’s HealthKit idea, where you can track your health and fitness data on an iDevice and even link back to doctors, already exists. The name of this extant health tracking company? HealthKit.

Intel and Asus create a little tablet with one big trick

Typically you connect Intel to Microsoft and to tablets that are more like notebooks than tablets but I just started using the new Asus Memo Pad 7 (ME170C) and it is a decent product.