Facebook announces Save – hold that thought

Facebook has rolled out a new feature called Facebook Save that allows users to save items that they don’t have time to read right away.

Identity fraud in the UK reaching all-time high

An interesting infographic from www.creditexpert.co.uk/ shows that British identity fraud is growing and people living in London are almost four times as likely to become victims.

Chrome is draining your battery

There is a bug in Google’s Chrome browser that steals system clock cycles on Windows machines that could drain a laptop’s battery as much as 25 percent faster than any other browser.

68% of employees expose confidential metadata to third parties

A survey found out that large numbers of professionals are failing to remove metadata from emails that reveal confidential company information.

Asimo can now run, jump and recognise voices

After its most recent upgrade, Honda's humanoid robot can run, go up stairs and understand sign language, but there are still few indications as to when the robot will be available to buy.

Will Blackberry ever just give it up?

Blackberry is hoping to recapture its previous position as the must-have business smartphone with the launch of a Siri-like assistant for its new Passport smartphone.

Microsoft doesn't want to do Nokia Android smartphones

Redmond is ending Nokia’s Android experiment rather abruptly, just shortly after the launch of the Nokia X2 handset.

Samsung launching high-end headphones

Smartphone giant Samsung is set to fuel rivalry with Apple-led Beats, as it launches its first set of high-end headphones into the US market.

Is Microsoft adopting a more agile approach?

Microsoft announced they will be laying off nearly 18,000 people and CEO Satya Nadella all but said they would be using agile techniques to boost productivity.

Apple dragging feet on in-app purchases by kids

The CPC network and European Commission criticizes Apple for not doing enough to warn people about in-app purchases or guard against children making unauthorized purchases.

Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited

After a leak briefly surfaced earlier this week Amazon has officially launched Kindle Unlimited, a $9.99 per-month eBook subscription service.

Facebook tests Buy button

Zuckerberg’s latest monetisation scheme is a one-click purchase button that allows for shopping to be integrated directly into Facebook.

French blogger fined for posting negative restaurant review

While the owner said the review's ranking was unfairly hurting his business, Ms Doudet called the decision "a crime to be popular".

A personal look back at the changing role of IT

When I worked in management services in the gas industry 25 years ago, IT was seen as monolithic, unresponsive, inflexible, data centre-based and accessed almost exclusively in line of business mode.