Are iOS users more active online than Android users?

A new study from Net Applications seems to indicate that iOS users are more active online than Android users.

It's a street fight and Silicon Valley beats Hollywood

The difference between Hollywood and Silicon Valley is quite simple: Hollywood wants to believe that it cares deeply about our humanity and Silicon Valley would be quite happy to do away with as much of it as possible.

Microsoft sues Samsung over late Android licensing fees

Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against Samsung over some late payments of Android licensing fees.

Ace that Google developer interview

Do you have a big developer interview looming? Here are some tips on how to prepare for a developer interview.

Yelp shows first ever Q2 profits

For the first time since its market debut in 2012, Yelp has recorded a quarterly profit that saw share prices rise by 4 cents at the end of trading.

Facebook class action lawsuit has over 11,000 plaintiffs

Facebook's privacy and data use policies have raised the ire of an activist who is leading a Europe vs Facebook campaign.

Twitter has a part to play in higher education

Can Tweeting be a means to learning extending the classroom into the world of social learning?

Obama unblocks unlock on mobile phones

It all began with the public signing a digital petition on the White House's We the People site.

Homeland Security warns of malicious POS software

The US Department of Home Security is warning retailers about "Backoff," designed to attack POS systems and undetectable by most anti-virus software.

GM recall goes from bad to worse

In 2014, in North America alone, GM has had to recall nearly 29 million vehicles, a record for most recalled cars in the United States. Now, its recall website is being called out for inaccuracies.

How to make it in the games industry

Colin MacDonald of Channel 4 and gaming legend Ian Livingstone run us through their top tips to making it big in the video games industry.

International cyber bully hit with 181 charges including criminal harassment and identity fraud

An international investigation that lasted eight months caught an unemployed Canadian man that had been cyber bullying 38 victims dating back 12 years across the globe.

iPhone 6 set to go on sale Tuesday 14 October

According to the latest rumour, Apple is set to spring its new iPhone on a Tuesday, not a Friday, in the middle of October.

US requests $5b in extra funding to bolster cybercrime defences

The request has been made by the Department of Defence and it means that the country’s cyber operations budget will be worth 8.5 per cent of total defence spending.

Mobile app of the day: Climendo

If you don’t always find the forecasting in your regular weather app is accurate, you should give Climendo a whirl.

Dark web becomes a haven for drugs after listings double in under a year

The shutting down of the Silk Road marketplace has acted as advertising for the site and the listings for drugs have accelerated in a very short space of time.

Dropbox accidentally deletes one user’s album of over 8,000 photos

An error in the Selective Sync feature saw 8,343 photos deleted from the one user of the cloud storage service and he is calling on them to change the way files are handled.

UK says, Let there be drones!

The UK's House of Lords is launching an inquiry into the feasibility of allowing unmanned drones to swarm the skies of Great Britain, and to find "new and innovative" ways to use them.