70 per cent of Apple is men says diversity report

Apple has promised to do more about diversity but if you dig deep into the company, it gets more manly.

Internet connected mannequins bring a whole new meaning to "window shopping"

High-tech mannequins are being installed on the British high street, meaning customers at House of Fraser and other retailers will be able to purchase products without setting foot in store.

ALO the Botlr: a Robot Butler by Starwood Hotels

We don't know which is worse, robot overlords threatening our lives, or their cute robot/human hybrid names that undercut their threat to society.

Google Classroom: a free learning management system (LMS) available today

If you are an Apps for Education user, Google is giving a free version of its Classroom service now that it is out of limited preview.

MacBook Air vs. Surface and Siri vs. Cortana: Creating a New Reality

Like Republicans versus Democrats, people are coming down on different sides of the Microsoft versus Apple marketing battle.

Tech weirdness over the years (Part 1)

Some tech stuff just makes you want to scratch your head in puzzled wonder.

Dormant NASA space probe revived by crowdsourcing project

Crowdsourced project funds team of space enthusiasts in bringing an antique NASA probe back to life.

New iPad and iPad mini could be here in time for Christmas

Apple's suppliers have kicked off production of the new generation of iPads, according to reports.

Hey Cortana? Are you coming to Windows 9?

Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana looks like it's moving from mobile to Windows 9 desktops.

Millions of Android gaming consoles on the horizon

In its recently launched report, Jon Peddie Research (JPR) is projecting that Android will drive video gaming on HDTVs for millions of customers by 2017.

LightFreq takes just four days to smash $50,000 Kickstarter goal

The combined light bulb and HD speaker topped the target in double quick time and it means that production of the light bulb is well on track for its February 2015 launch.

Mobile app of the day: Vivino Wine Scanner

Vivino is a super app for anyone with an interest in wine – it can help you better understand wine, and its bottle scanner aids in making wise buying decisions.

Business essentials: the open source software movement

62% of a survey of 300 IT professionals are not engaging enough with open source software becuase of concerns over security and other issues.

Is the Internet of Things the most over-hyped technology ever?

According to analysts at Gartner, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the most over-hyped technology ever and the bubble of expectation is soon going to burst.

Chromebook sales to triple by 2017

5 million Chromebooks were sold this year with more to come.

Moscow hackers take aim at former Soviet embassies

Soviet embassies in 15 countries targeted by massive cyberattack.

Taking a peek at Samsung Galaxy Note 4 leaked images

The phablet is slated for a September 3rd release but the pre-launch hype is in full swing now.

eBay goes down for 10th worldwide collapse in a year

eBay went down in the UK and it seems like it is a part of a disturbing trend for the site.