The Race to Home Automation: Setting the Bar for Apple (and Everyone Else)

Apple's push into home automation is setting the bar for the industry. What should we expect for the smart home?

Zuckerberg invited to Iran (actually, an Iranian court ordered him to appear)

The ‘Zionist’ Mark Zuckerberg (or his lawyer) has been called to Iran to defend himself – or at least defend Instagram and WhatsApp – against complaints by Iranian individuals that the apps violated people’s privacy.

Twitter study touts brand tweets effectiveness

Considering that a new study about the effectiveness of brand tweets was sponsored by Twitter it is probably not too surprising that they found the more tweets and retweets a brand gets the more likely Twitterers will take action.

World’s lightest electric skateboard coming this fall

Get ready to thrash you way to work on the Marbel Board, the world’s lightest electric skateboard. The Marbel company still has 23 days to go on their Kickstarter campaign and they’ve already raised close to $140,000 (nearly $50,000 more than their original $90,000 goal).

Cybernetics and the lean startup

Today's best practices in managing startups and the development process owe their origins to one man's work in World War II.

Samsung wants to take on Oculus Rift

The virtual reality wars have begun in earnest. Is Samsung up to fighting the gadget wars on every front?

Shhhh! Google is listening

Earlier this week Google unveiled a new voice activated voice recognition activator for desktop Chrome users. In other words, when you say ‘Okay Google’ to your microphone-equipped desktop computer it will fire up the voice recognition feature so you can tell it what to search for.

Google to Tango with tablets

Sources close to the search engine mega corp. say that Google will be releasing a 7” Tango-enabled tablet in the next month or two. Project Tango is an Android platform for mobile devices designed to track 3D motion and objects, creating a map of the environment in real-time.

BlackBerry ups the security ante

More details are emerging about BlackBerry’s super-secure BBM protected service. has just released two demo videos filmed during Wednesday's BlackBerry Experience event in Washington, D.C.

Osmo replaces virtual reality with actual reality

Tangible Play, a Palo Alto-based company is trying to launch a new iPad-based learning system called Osmo. The twist is that Osmo lets students interact with actual, physical objects while the iPad watches and offers instructions.

Apple files patent for teensy weensy shutters

Apple has filed for a patent outlining a system that could automatically activate tiny shutters built into future iPhones (or other devices). If the iPhone detects sudden movements, such as being dropped, or unusually high noise levels it would close the shutters and thereby protect sensitive electronics from the outside world.

Stolen eBay data up for sale – but is it really from eBay?

The UK website Telegraph reported today that they have discovered what may be the first attempt to sell identity information stolen from eBay sometime last February.

HP shipping HP 7 Plus economy tablet

HP has started promoting a new 7” tablet for the budget-conscious crowd. The HP 7 Plus is available on the HP website for $99.99.

Are drones the future of pizza delivery?

This isn't exactly the Amazon drone delivery service, but it only goes to show the genie is out of the bottle. The drone delivery business could be the next big thing.

Google's Nest recalls half a million products

A $3 billion acquisition stumbles. Did Google overpay? Maybe, but with the CPSC on its back, Nest had no choice.

So change your eBay and PayPal passwords already

Earlier today eBay admitted that the names, email addresses, birth dates, encrypted passwords, physical addresses and phone numbers of 145 million customers were stolen. I bet they feel kinda stupid.

Download a free friend to your iPhone

Watching Cute Girl, the somewhat creepy iPhone app, is now available for free in the App Store. The app, originally released back in 2012 at a price of US$3.99, wasn’t a terribly big hit, but now that it’s free maybe more iPhone users will release their inner peeping Tom.

FBI considers hiring stoned hackers

Apparently the FBI is mulling over the idea that they might have to start hiring hackers who smoke pot to help them in their efforts to fight cyber criminals.