Christian Bale Now Out as Steve Jobs

Jobs biopic needs a new lead

Arthur C Clarke's 3001 To Become a Mini-Series

Ridley Scott attached to produce

Is This the Plot For the Next Terminator Movie?

Can this storyline actually work?

That's a Wrap on Star Wars Episode VII

Principal photography is apparently complete

JK Rowling Is Back With More Stories For Halloween

The Potter universe grows deeper

The Game of Thrones Gang Gets a Big Raise

Expect the show to be around three more years as well

Gambit Spin-Off Movie in the Works

The X-Men universe expands

John Carpenter Loves Gaming, Has Plans For New Music

Celebrating Halloween with the master of cinematic terror

Why on earth would anyone download that?

Why on earth would you want to clutter up my valuable smartphone memory with an app from a car company? Or a pizza place? Or an insurance company?

Lies, damned lies and statistics

Mark Twain coined a phrase (and attributed it to British Prime Minster Benjamin Disraeli) "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."

Super Mario Creator Now Making Movies

See Pikmin in 3-D

Apple CEO Comes Out

A major figure in tech bravely leaves the closet

Hunger Games Advance Ticket Sales Off the Charts

Dystopia still tops at the box office, even three weeks early

When Superman Lives Went Down

One of the most talked about unmade movies in recent memory

Seth Rogen Up to Play Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs Bio

Sony Steve Jobs bio taking shape as casting talks continue

Cortana still doing well in NFL predictions

Cortana once again picked 10 out of 15 NFL games in week eight of this 2014 NFL season.

Step up to the online television buffet

It was announced today that the Simpsons will also become an online ‘channel’ although you will also have to have a cable subscription.