Marvel and Jack Kirby's Estate Settle Legal Feud

Jack Kirby's Estate Settles Years Old Beef With Marvel

Apple updates their iOS update

iOS 8.0.2 was released yesterday barely 24 hours after the iOS 8.0.1 release broke people’s iPhones.

Can security companies control the IoT world?

There is another category of player in the IoT environment that is beginning to emerge as a possible coordinator of multiple smart devices - home security providers.

Blade Runner 2 Is On the Way?

Ridley Scott Still Looking at a Sequel For Blade Runner

It's Okay For Hollywood To Use Drones

Drones Can Now Be Used to Shoot Movies

Will Shatner Make a Last Trek Hurrah?

Will Shatner Make One More Star Trek Appearance?

Buy a Crucial Piece of Beatles History

Who Has the Money to Buy Pieces of Beatles History?

Get ready for a battle between law enforcement and technology

FBI Director James Comey said today that he is concerned about moves by Apple and Google to market phones that can't be searched by law enforcement.

J.J. Abrams and Stephen King Unite For 11/22/63 Miniseries

J.J. Abrams and Stephen King Unite For Hulu Mini-Series

Hellboy Tells His Story

Ron Perlman's Autobiography is Here

Is Apple's Beats Going Out Of Business?

Is Beats Going Out of Business?

AC/DC Are Back

One of Rock's Greatest Bands Is Back

Enjoying the Glory Days of SNL

The Classic Days of SNL Are Coming Back In Time For the Show's Fortieth Anniversary Next Year

Kevin Spacey Is Coming to Call of Duty

Kevin Spacey is Another Top Actor Bringing His Talents to Video Games

Apple iOS 8.0.1 update turns your iPhone 6 into an iPod 6

Apple released a new iOS 8 update this morning, it broke people’s iPhones and the updates was promptly pulled.

Cortana picks another 10 out of 16: record stands at 29 - 19

Cortana keeps holding her own as a sports bookie by picking another 10 out of 16 NFL games in week three.

Blackberry Passport: No Antennagate or Bendgate Here

A solid phone that doesn't have the problems that Apple has been experiencing.

Apple haters get plenty to chuckle about

There have been a LOT of glowing stories about the new iPhones and iOS 8 but there have also been a number of stories that have a lot of anti-Apple folks chuckling.