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Director Paul Feig promises not to f*ck it up

Will JJ Abrams Stay in the Star Wars Universe?

One good turn deserves another

GoodFellas: Now and Forever

An American classic hits 25 years old

Are Flying Cars Almost Here?

Along with the Back to the Future hoverboard, many people want flying cars. It’s hard to imagine why. We have way too many accidents on the ground, try to imagine how many we could have in the air that could crash down to earth. But Forbes just ran a report telling us that flying cars could be here as early as 2017, even sooner than self-driving cars. Apparently AeroMobil, a company from Slovakia, is working on this, and writer Eric Mack describes this vehicle as “an elongated, road-ready vehicle with stowable wings that can navigate both city traffic and the airspace in between landings and...

Buy Tony Montana's Mansion

If you've got the $34 million

Adam Sandler Fights Video Games in Pixels

Could this be the Ghostbusters of gaming?

Drone Mania Sparks Blue Thunder Remake

'80's action classic to have a new modern tech twist

Living with the Dell Venue 7000 8” Tablet

Arguably the best looking Tablet in its class, it has a gorgeous OLED infinity display, it is incredibly thin and light, and it is the first to offer Intel’s Real Sense camera.

Steve Jobs Documentary Under Fire

Apple coworkers slam upcoming documentary of the tech giant

Ex Machina Getting Strong Early Reviews

Strong buzz is building from the South By Southwest Festival

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The all female 'Busters already has troll critics, big surprise

Fans Demand a Reboot of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Fans put together petition that has nearly 150,000 signatures

VCE: The Company Known for Consistency Expands Choice

VCE continues to showcase the points that make them different; consistency, a very high focus on customer and user satisfaction, and a level of customer loyalty and advocacy you don’t see outside of Apple.

How A Lack of Technology Knowledge Will Kill The Clinton Presidency

Is Hillary Clinton's campaign going to be derailed because she doesn't get email, the concept?

From Star Trek to Green Lantern

Does Chris Pine have a shot at the ring?