Now Google is Teaming Up with Levis to make a Smart Jacket

The smart jacket is for cyclists who want to operate their phones without having to take their eyes off the road.

Brexit and will the British Pound remain stable

The referendum which can change the economic landscape of the United Kingdom is on the horizon. The referendum or Brexit is to be held on Thursday, June 23rd and will determine whether the United Kingdom should leave and or remain within the European Union. The referendum allows all citizens within the United Kingdom that are of voting age the opportunity to vote either Yes or No to remain within the European Union. The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron has demanded several reforms from the existing twenty-seven European Union members which he has stated is imperative for the...

Xiaomi’s Yi Action Camera 2 a Wannabe GoPro Killer

The latest action camera from Xiaomi lets you shoot videos in 4K resolution.

The Hacker Group Suckfly at War with Corporate India

Cyber-espionage group, Suckfly, uses stolen digital certificates to breach internal networks of Indian organisations

Review: X-Men Apocalypse, Worth Watching Once, for a Fan

A look at the much-awaited superhero film X-Men Apocalypse, two and a half hours X-Men with no surprises.

After Tim Cook, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella to Visit India in May

This will be Nadella’s third visit to the country in the span of seven months.

Good Conditions to Get a Glimpse at Mars this Month

The red planet already looms large in the night sky, appearing as a bright, fire-yellow, star-like light.

SecureDrop a Submission System to Help Protect Journalists

Journalists being threatened or distressed can use this system to submit information safely and anonymously.

Harley Quinn, DC Wants to Fight Marvel With Woman Power

Word has it that an unnamed female screenwriter has already asked to write the script for Harley Quinn.

Best Privacy Practices When Using Biometric Matching For Authentication

Device-side matching of biometric data is a compelling approach to satisfy key privacy requirements on cross-border personal data transfers.

Star Trek is coming back to the little screen

Justin Liu will direct the new Star Trek series with a new approach.

LinkedIn Wants You to Change Your Password Now!

The commonly used professional networking platform has a big security issue on its hands.

The Business Continuity Podcast, Tips for Small Businesses

For small businesses without the resource for full-time business continuity specialists, planning disaster recovery can be crucial.

Craig Is Done With Bond, It's Confirmed

Craig has reportedly turned down a 68 million pound offer from MGM studio to return as James Bond.

Pirating GoT is a Risky Business, Other Than You Expect

Malware is a bigger risk than being caught when pirating content.

Zuckerberg Meets With Conservatives, Says FB Open to ‘All Ideas’

A former Facebook contractor had anonymously accused its editors of deliberately suppressing conservative news.

Google I/O 2016: Allo is Aiming at WhatsApp & Co's Dominance

The smart messaging app will be available later this year.

Tim Cook Announces New Maps Development Centre in Hyderabad

The office that will be opened in Hyderabad will focus on building the ‘Maps’ feature.