Leonardo DiCaprio Out as Steve Jobs

Leonardo DiCaprio Won't Be Playing the Tech Icon in Sony Biopic

Celebrities that are suing Google are idiots!

A bevy of brain-dead celebrities who had their iCloud accounts hacked are suing Google for $100 million.

Zombieland Sequel in the Works

A Fire Is Lit Under the Powers That Be To Get a Zombieland Sequel Together

Metallica Respects U2's Free Album

Lars Ulrich is "Inspired" By U2's Latest Move

The Most Expensive Items in Gaming

Who Has the Money For These Ultra Expensive Gaming Items?

Harry Potter Collector Breaks the World Record

A Professor in Mexico Is Harry Potter Mad

Interstellar Is Keeping Film Alive

See Interstellar Early On Celluloid Instead of Digital

Health and fitness devices and apps raise some serious questions

There are some serious questions about the emerging world of health and fitness devices and apps.

Windows 10: How'd We Get Here? Why You'll Love It

Microsoft is listening again and this product addresses virtually all of the pain points I’m aware of in Windows 8.

Police and government confused and frightened by encryption

Police, the FBI and others in the government express concerns about Apple’s and Google’s implementation of encryption.

Crouching Tiger Sequel Drawing Ire From Theater Owners

Crouching Tiger Sequel Already Drawing Controversy

Tetris Will Be a Movie

Thought Tetris Couldn't Be a Movie? Think Again.

Dead Rising Movie Adaptation Coming

Another Zombie Tale Is In Production

Fantastic Four Update

Fantastic Four Hopes to Be Another Great Comic Adaptation

Jimmy Page Ready To Move On From Zeppelin

Jimmy Page to Put a New Band Together Next Year

Cortana slips a bit, picks 5 out of 13

Microsoft’s Cortana slipped a bit in week four of the NFL season picking five games correctly while missing eight.

Microsoft skips nine, shoots for ten

Microsoft unveiled the latest rev of its operating system today and it will blend elements of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to come up with Windows 10.

Health and fitness wearable designers need to think about women’s needs too

Why don’t health and fitness gadgets track women's menstrual cycles? That’s a very good question.