Now it's PayPal's turn: two factor authentication is hackable

An Australian teenager has found a way to get around a security feature that is offered by PayPal to prevent hackers doing just that.

China bans Apple products; Apple keeps giving them manufacturing business

Irony is a funny thing, unless you are Apple. While Chinese manufacturers reap the benefits of making iPhones and iPads, Beijing is protecting its own markets by banning the very same products as foreign threats to its security.

Apple schedules press event for September 9

It’s official – Apple will be holding a press event on September 9 and they’ll probably talk about new iPhones.

Apple not invited to Chinese procurement party

Apple products have officially been excluded from China’s government procurement list due to claims of hacking and cyber spying.

Apple and Samsung winding down patent wars outside the U.S.

Apple and Samsung have officially agreed to call off their legal dogs – at least outside the U.S.

One in ten Android apps infected by malware

New research shows 1 in 10 Android apps are infected with malware, most coming from third-party app stores.

Hong Kong billionaire can sue Google over autocorrect

Finally, legal discourse is available to anyone distressed by autocorrect, but not exactly for the reasons you might think.

Are you a nomophobe?

Nomophobe: the fear of being without a cellphone – many of us have it, we just don’t want to admit it.

Our devices want too much attention

Every minute of our lives is being filled with a cacophony of beeps and boops from devices all demanding attention.

Crowdfunding "Sean Hannity is an idiot"

Please don't troll us, we don't care either way about any of the characters in this story but just like to see big posters calling out someone for being an idiot.

Facebook brings free Internet services to Zambia

Last week Facebook rolled out a new free service app in Zambia,

Agile discovery: sometimes the first step is the most difficult

There is one step in the agile (or any development) process that is often the hardest and probably the number one reason that projects either fail or take much longer to complete – the first step.

40% of workers ignore social media bans at work

A recent study has found that 40 percent of office workers in the EU say they've ignored restrictions on using social media at work.

Comcast offers six months free Internet to low-income families

As part of a Back to School promotion, eligible families can receive everything from complimentary Internet, discounted computers, and free digital literacy training.

Even small industries are using big data

Large corporations, world organisations, and governments have hopped aboard the big data bandwagon, but even small industries can benifit.

Only 3% of engineering workforce is female

Numbers show that IT is one of the worst offenders when it comes to gender equality with only three percent of the workforce made up of females.

Simple hardware tweaks can speed up your infrastructure 60%

Studies show that minor tweaks to existing systems could increase performance by 60 percent with no additional investment.

Intel suggests WiGig maybe the best ‘future friendly’ wireless solution for businesses

According to a recent blog post on the Intel website WiGig (802.11ad) may be the best wireless solution for businesses in the years to come.