The Internet’s fourth wave

It’s hard to set milestones on the Internet but if one were to do so you could make an argument that we are entering into our fourth wave.

Snapchat adds grouping feature

Snapchat users will be treated to a new feature called Our Story at the Electric Daisy Carnival music festival in Las Vegas next weekend. Concert goers will be able to contribute their photos and videos to one big mashup of the event.

Amazon Appstore coming to BlackBerry

BlackBerry and Amazon have announced that beginning with version 10.3 BlackBerry users will be able to shop for apps in Amazon’s Appstore.

Breaking Bad in 4k glory is now available on Netflix

Sure you'll need a 4K TV and your ISP may throttle the speed just because, but it is Breaking Bad, bigger and badder than ever.

Amazon's smartphone: cornering the Internet for shopping

From server to device and from warehouse to drop-off, Amazon is dominating the supply chain in goods, data and services.

Apple's got new and cheaper 21.5in entry-level iMac

While there is no refresh on the 27 inch model, the new 21.5 inch iMac gives you more bang for your buck, as they say.

Small to medium sized firms that focus on tech and people go further

YouGov and Vodafone have done a study on SMEs and found that focusing on money isn't the path to true success.

Windows Phone 9 and the rumor mill

Microsoft hasn't been working with Windows Phone 8.1 much but it looks like Windows Phone 9 is just around the corner. Or so say the gossip mavens.

New map website lets you drone around the world

A clever Swiss drone fan, Jan Hiersemenzel has launched a new website dedicated to serving up drone videos from around the world.

Chinese smartphones come with built-in spyware

How can you infect your smartphone with malicious software without downloading dozens of questionable apps? Simple. Buy a phone that’s already infected!

New bill would ban Internet ‘fast lanes’

In an effort to make themselves look like the good guys five democrats have introduced a new bill that would insure true net neutrality…assuming they can get it passed.

Facebook Slingshot released...again

Slingshot, which was accidentally released and then recalled by Facebook earlier this month, lets users send self-destructing images but in order to receive and view a photo, the recipient must first send one back.

Nest returns (without wave)

Nest Labs has started shipping their Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors again, only this time the device won’t turn itself off with the wave of a hand.

Investors back Dizmo's sci-fi UI with $2 million

Bring on Tom Cruise and the Minority Report user interface.

Twitter trolls are a problem that need solving

Twitter's global head of online safety says the company wants to do more about the criticisms made of the company.

YouCam Snap is pretty indispensable

YouCam Snap turns your photos into PDFs which makes it a great sharing tool for work and play.