This 3D printed chair is a game changer in terms of cost savings

Daniel Widrig is a London-based architect and designer who has created quite a following for his 3D printed designs. Using the kind of tools and techniques that are usually reserved for 3D character creation in f/x heavy movies, Widrig has 3D printed a chair from a mixture of sugar paste, Japanese rice wine, and plaster. 

Does 3D printing threaten retail's models and intellectual properties

A report from Gartner says that 3D printing will create debate on ethics and regulation. Furthermore, analysts expect that rapid development of 3D Bioprinters will spark calls to ban the technology for human and non-human use by 2016.

How the Navy is influencing 3D printing of buildings

The Navy is working with the National Science Foundation to fund research to help advance the process of using 3D printing technology in construction.

Analysts say, 3D Printing Market Is Going To Be Way Bigger Than We Imagined

Credit Suisse is saying that this market is going to be 357% bigger than it originally anticipated as a result of more engagement by consumers, and the so-called pro-sumer. Whatever the case may be, it is all coming up 3D printed roses.

Will 3D printed organs make it in 2014

A breakthrough in vascular 3D printing has led bio-printing firm Organovo to predict printed livers will be available within the next year.

Apple May Be Looking to Bite into 3D Printing

Regardless of how much the experts dither over whether the price of additive manufacturing (AM) stocks are rising above actual value, interest remains strong in companies such as Stratasys and 3D Systems. This, along with adoption of the technology by companies like GE and Ford, continues to show the continuing growth of AM, and that growth is bound to draw the attention of other entities in the business world. In October, we reported on HP’s announcement that it intends to produce at least one 3D printer in 2014.

How 3D Printing Supercharged Nike's New Super Bowl Cleat

Almost a full year ago, Nike introduced its first shoe ever built with the help of 3D printing technology. The thing was, that cleat, the Vapor Laser Talon (seen below), was built for an absurdly specific purpose and market—just the 40 yard dash, just for NFL players.

The Snap 3D Printer

First 3d printer that can be assembled without fasteners. Modular Design, Customizable, Large build volume, Stand Alone.We wanted to design the best 3D printer that will be fast to assemble and will print high quality parts.

3D printing of blood vessels goes to clinical trials

Saga University in Japan and startup Cyfuse Biomedical have been working together on breakthrough technologies in bio-printing. Their research is leading to potential go to market solutions in the near future.

MakerBot stakes its claim to 3D printing supremacy for the masses

MakerBot is using CES to launch a new 3D printing platform and ecosystem. This includes new software, app and digital store products, new strategic partnerships, and its fifth generation of 3D printers. It's 3D printing as home entertainment.

Making Stuff Beyond 3D Printing

Those new to personal 3D printing may still glow from the thrill of creating objects simply by pushing the "print" button. It is always amazing to see objects appear from nothing and then hold them in your hand. Not necessarily. Newbies may think of their 3D printer as a black box that produces objects, which is of course true, but there is much more you can do by thinking of 3D printing in a different way. Think of 3D printing as a type of manufacturing process. It's one of MANY ways you can build things.

Cornell researchers fabricate a fully functional 3D printed speaker

In the world of 3D printing, the mantra is increasingly becoming: If you can dream it, you can print it. We’ve already seen the first 3D printed tonearm for a record player, ready to jam out the new breed of high-tech 3D printed records, such as this coming release from Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke.

A 3D printer inside minecraft

This next story is a bit like something from the Christopher Nolan baffling blockbuster, Inception.

Self-repairing running shoes made from 3D-printed protocells

London designer and researcher Shamees Aden has developed a prototype for running shoes that could repair themselves overnight. Called Protocells Trainers, Aden's shoes are made of protocells and 3D printed to the exact size of the user's foot.

Autodesk Slaps Manufacturing with Collaboration, Puts CAM in the Cloud

Autodesk is blowing off the metal shavings of static shop-side subtractive manufacturing, delivering the first of its kind collaborative CAM solution.

3D Printing Market Expected to Reach 8.41 Billion by 2020

If there was any doubt on how hot the 3D printing market is right now, sales are expected to reach $8.41 billion by 2020, according to a recent report by research company MarketsandMarkets.

10 3D Printed Christmas decorations to brighten your home

An intricate showcase of 3D printing’s capability to create designs in designs. The Captured Snowflake design by Maundy is available two materials and seven colours.More of a project than an ornament, but a fantastic one at that. This 3D print-at-home advent calendar on Thingiverse by pleppik takes a print a day throughout advent to form a Christmas tree with 25 gifts built in. Some of the “Makes” photos on Thingiverse are marvellous.3D printing hero Dizingof has designed this Christmas Decoration in line with the rest of his collection.

Philly Becomes First City to Ban 3D Gun Printing

The Philadelphia City Council voted unanimously to ban the manufacturing of guns by 3-D printers, making Philly the first city to do so. Which is interesting, because the author of the bill, Kenyatta Johnson, isn’t aware of of any local gun-printing 3-D printers.

Stratasys and University of Malaya Team Up to Create Surgical Biomodels

There's a saying among surgeons that states, "Whoever learns anatomy only from books, should only operate on books."Stratasys Asia Pacific has teamed up with the University of Malaya's Center for Biomedical and Technology Integration (CBMTI) to offer 3D printed, multi-material biomodels for simulating endoscopic neurosurgical procedures."Creating custom biomodels used to be an extensive and painstaking process," Yuwaraj CBMTI Operations Manager Kumar Balakrishnan said.

Laser cut flute

Using technical expertise to explore – and indeed change – the way that people interact with and experience music is Yale student Lamtharn Hantrakul’s passion.